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BHUTAN – home to thunderous valleys

The only Buddhist kingdom extant, Bhutan is the land that was never captured in the entirety of its historical existence. The country sits across the South-East Asian Silk Route and is relatively untouched by the fast paced digital revolution that has washed over the rest of the globe. 60% of the land is forested & is supposed to remain so under strict government law. The country harnesses enough hydroelectricity for self-sustenance.

A visit to Bhutan can arguably be described as a glimpse of the simpler times. Here, the surroundings are soul-soothing, the people more genuine, the streams are still pure & phenomenon of air pollution doesn’t exist. The cliff-hugging monasteries introduce you to jaw-dropping architectural feats. The solemn dzongs house rich deposits of exclusive hand painted scrolls & ancient Buddhist relics that are priceless. Every stop is garnered with colorful prayer flags that flutter tirelessly against the nipping breeze of Bhutan.

The local markets of Bhutan are customarily strewn with exotic edibles & collectibles unique to this place. Buy rustic fur & woolen handlooms, incenses, embroidered shawls & more. Trek through the austere, less-trodden trails that have challenged many adventure enthusiasts through the course of time. Raft through the foamy currents of Mo Chhu & Torsa. Tread through the rhododendron covered valleys & climb up the Tiger’s Nest while you munch on the locally prepared cheese based delicacies. Bhutan will always tug you for a revisit.

Places to Visit

  • Motithang Takin Reserve
  • National Museum of Bhutan
  • Dochu La Pass
  • Tiger's Nest
  • Simply Bhutan
  • Jigme Dorji National Park
  • Punakha Dzong

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