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DOOARS – the doorway to Bhutan

Dooars, or "Duars" as enunciated in the traditional Nepali & Bengali linguistic, goes by the specific name because it serves as an exclusive gateway to the country of Bhutan by land. Situated in the northern part of the Brahmaputra basin & south to the Himalayan foothills, the Koch Dynasty, the kingdom of Bhutan & the British Raj traded hands in dominating this fertile chunk of alluvial domain until it became an integral part of India by the year 1949.

The 350 km stretch of fertile land is riddled with perennial streams that cut through the dense evergreen forests & manicured tea estates spread all over the region. With the presence of nearly six sanctuaries & national parks, Doors is the most ecologically rich location in the entirety of North Bengal. A haven for nature enthusiasts, this place is an iconoclastic break from the regular tourist-oriented. Dooars is completely devoid of the crowded streets or overbooked hotels and sightseeing places that lack the atmosphere of serenity that enhances the feel of your vacation.

Nestled amidst soothing canopies, the location is unruffled & placidly quiet, with snug cottages & resorts scattered here and there amidst the relaxing greens that is home to the exotic local wildlife. In Dooars, don’t be surprised if you spot a whimsical herd of spotted deer basking by the sunlight within a stone’s throw. Elephants show up near the creeks by dawn as well. Safari rides in the national parks to spot the lurking leopards & tigers in the wild shouldn’t be missed either. This location is bound to be your ethnic episode with the Himalayan fauna.

Places to Visit

  • Buxa Fort & Tiger Reserve
  • Suntaleykhola & Samsing
  • Neora Valley National Park
  • Chapramari Wildlife Reserve
  • Gorumara National Park
  • Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Malbazaar & Mong Pong

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