Debunking the Coronavirus Myths

Debunking the Coronavirus Myths


You must be wondering why there is no travel information, the world needs awareness now. Therefore, the best cab in Sikkim contributes its bit by taking part in the awareness program. The reason lies in the fact that our nation is fighting against the virus and every citizen should show their responsibilities in every way they can. If we stick to few precautions and refrain from all the flooded facts we are receiving from social media, we can help the nation overcome from this period of pandemic really soon. We must only follow the global rules and facts shared by World Health Organization (WHO).

Staying home is the best way to reduce and eventually stop the spreading of coronavirus. Stay indoors until its very emergency. The country wide lockdown is the need of the hour and you must abide by the lockdown rules.

Break the chain by breaking the myths

There ae many myths related to the COVID-19 and in these times of pandemic, where people are stressed and scared, the psychological would want them to believe in everything they see or hear. The good news is you can reduce the chances of getting affected by the virus only by keeping yourself sanitized and by avoiding touching your eyes, nose and eyesif you are outside and immediately get yourself checked if you have flu like symptoms and keep yourself in self-isolation.

Myth: Coronavirus does not affect the area with high and humid climate.

Fact: COVID-19 virus can be transmitted in areas with hot and humid climate. According to WHO, it is can also be spread in areas that have high temperatures. If you are staying in a place with hot weather, you must still take complete care and stay with precautions.

Myth: The infection can be prevented if we take shower with hot water

Fact:Taking shower with hot water does not prevent the virus from spreading. Washing hands frequently and sanitizing thoroughly after coming from outside is the best precautionary measure. Taking too hot showers can actually harm you or burn you.

Myth: Mosquitoes can also spread the infection

Fact: Mosquito bites cannot cause the virus to spread. There is no evidence of mosquitos as a vector in spreading this infection. It is only infected by the droplets of an infected person entering your respiratory tract.

Protect yourself and everybody

The best cab in Sikkim takes all the protecting measures and have promised to maintain the hygienic service after the lockdown and quarantine. Stay home as much as you can, sanitize and mask yourself if you are going outside. If you feel symptom, do not panic, show the nearby doctor and self-isolate yourself for the betterment of you and your family.

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