Driving To The Zero Point

Driving To The Zero Point


As interesting as the name sounds, the Zero Point in Sikkim is the perfect road trip destination. Also known as Yumesamdong, this is a place of interest for travellers. The specialty lies in the fact that Zero Point is the last motorable point in Sikkim. There is no road beyond that. Located at a height of 15,300 feet above the sea level, the beauty of the view is quite easily imaginable. Take a trip to the Zero Point with the Sikkim cab service and feel at the top of the world. Nestled by the spotless and astonishing sceneries, it is one of the must-visit places in India.

Why should I visit the Zero Point?

A 15 km drive from Lachung- another soulful destination of Sikkim, Yumesamdong (Zero Point), is the untouched creation of nature. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains and soul-soothing aura, Zero Point is a must-visit. A snow-lovers paradise and the perfect destination for thrill rides; this place is arguably the best scenic expenditure in Sikkim. The appealing sight of the snow gazing yaks and clean white heaven will make the hill top ride worth it.

How to reach the Zero Point

The best way to travel hassle-free to the Zero Point is by hiring a Sikkim cab service. They have the complete idea about the routes and assist you with permits and protocols of the place. The route is easy. The cab picks you from NJP or Bagdogra and takes you until Gangtok. You can rest a day in Gangtok and enjoy the local sightseeing or proceed to Zero Point via Lachung. The best and ideal cab service providers handle all the permit facilities.

The journey towards the Zero Point is itself do soothing and it is referred to as “roads of heaven”. Often, people achieve a sense of spiritual well-being and calm while on the way to the heavenly spot.

Top Places to see in and around Zero Point  

Apart from the majestic views of the sky high mountains and scenic landscape of the hilly terrain, there are magical sites and worthy places to see.

Buddhist Monastery Lachen

Experience the richness of the very the Gonpa built by only 8 monks. This is the smallest monastery in Lachen. Discover more stories of the divine place of soulful retreat.

Yumthang Hot Spring

Another exciting and mystical destination that will come on your way to Zero Point, the Yumthang Hot Spring boils at 50 degrees even in the freezing weather. It is believed to have healing properties.


Take the drive with the best Sikkim cab service to the exotic mountain peak in Lachung. Witness the most awe-gazing view of the might Himalayas.

Bond with the pretty adventures and make lifetime memories. Travel as long as you can see there are roads. Once they end, you reach your goal and the just sit back and absorb the beauty.  

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